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Class 68

Adrea is from Tucson, AZ and is the baby in a family of nine. Her Mom lives in Charlotte and did not want to move to the West Coast, so Adrea moved here to take care of her. Ever since she was six years old using her big sister’s Easy Bake Oven to make cake and chicken, food has been a passion for Adrea. She loves the science behind making food and understanding that we can eat to make ourselves healthy. After the 6th week at CCSC, Adrea started preparing her mom’s food in a different, healthier way that she learned at School. Since then, her mom has lost 10 pounds and is off her sugar medicine. Adrea says that attending CCSC has fit her the way a hand fits into a glove. It has all the support services to help her be successful, and it’s a great steppingstone for her to earn the title of Chef. She has enjoyed the hands-on experience, and the individualized teaching methods. Adrea has already had three job interviews, so it’s just a matter of where she will be working when she graduates. She eventually wants to open her own business cooking healthy, natural foods for seniors. Welcome to Class 68, Adrea!