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Class 68

Alvin is from Georgetown, SC and has a wife and three kids. He grew up watching his grandma and great grandma cook, so he’s always loved it. He also enjoyed watching Justin Wilson’s cooking shows on TV. After he graduated from high school, Alvin entered the Air Force working as a security police officer. He wasn’t interested in continuing in that line of work, so when he left the Air Force, he returned home to Georgetown. It was also at this time that he started cooking. He loves making BBQ Ribs in particular. Alvin was picking up his mail at the Urban Ministry Center one day, when he saw one of CCSC’s rack cards. He was currently not working due to Covid, and he knew he did not want to go into debt to attend culinary school. So, when he read more about CCSC, he thought it was the perfect opportunity for him. He says that the atmosphere is great, and the chef instructors are attentive to your needs. He has more experience than some of the other students, so being here has taught him about patience, but also about the entire learning process. Welcome to Class 68, Alvin!