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Class 68

Anthony is from Charlotte, and he first heard about CCSC when the School was still located on Distribution Street and sharing a building with Friendship Trays/Meals on Wheels. He was doing community outreach with his church, when Otis, who drove a delivery truck, told him about the program. Anthony enrolled at the time but lasted four days before he became incarcerated. For 15 months, Anthony thought about CCSC, and how he would go back to culinary school when he had the chance.
Cooking and baking have always been his passion. It’s exciting for him to be able to put a smile on someone’s face because of his cooking. His background has cost him a lot of employment opportunities, so now at 53, he says that it’s time for him to be different. CCSC’s environment is what makes things feel different this time. He is surrounded by people who are supporting him and cheering for him. He’s never allowed himself to be around such a motivating team and it’s been great. He says, “I appreciate the opportunity to take a second look at myself and apply myself to do better.”
Welcome to Class 68, Anthony!