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Class 68

David is from Orangeburg, SC, and he and his wife have a three old son. Even though his wife is from New York, David met his wife at a mall in South Carolina. They began dating shortly thereafter and got married. When they were trying to decide on a home between NY and SC, Charlotte came up. David said that they came to Charlotte solely on faith and grace. David’s Grandma and Dad both had a restaurant, so he grew up watching and helping them. Being in the kitchen has always been a soothing and relaxing place for David. He says, “Nothing can go wrong in the kitchen unless you allow it.” David has worked for Walmart for 19 years and is currently the floor manager. He heard about CCSC from a customer he was helping. That customer was a current student and told him to look up CCSC if he was interested in attending culinary school. When he saw that it was tuition free and a 14-week schedule, he told his wife about it. She encouraged him to apply and has supported him during his time here. He said he was nervous about not being good enough, but the dedication of his fellow students and chefs have inspired and helped him become better. “It has been an eye-opening experience. Every morning feels like Christmas morning, where I can’t wait to come in and open presents.” Welcome to Class 68, David!